ICE C&C Team Coded DOFR Workgroup Meeting

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Date:  11/04/2021    
Start Time:  2:00 PM End Time:  3:00 PM
Description:  During the process of reviewing the DOFR for the recent release of the 2021 version, the workgroup created a parking lot list to capture issues that would need further discussion and vetting, such as potential new categories that may need to be created on the DOFR (i.e., wound care, telehealth, new technologies, etc.). For this next step, additional participation is needed from a broader range of workgroup members. Please see broadcast for more information - your participation would be greatly appreciated:
Site/Teleconference Info:  Screen Sharing Link: Teleconference Information: 866-899-4679 / 571-317-3116 Access Code: 802-216-389 Type:  Workgroup Meeting
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Coordinator:  Carol Wanke ( / Patty Hermanns (


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