HICE CEO Update - July 2022

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Date: 7/20/2022 9:11:09 AM
Subject: HICE CEO Update - July 2022

To HICE Participants

Welcome back to the bi-monthly CEO Update, designed to keep members apprised of the current happenings at HICE! Here is an update on what has been going on since my last report in May:

Association Partners - HICE was invited to have a presence at the APG Conference in June and Gena Jongebloed, Secretary/Treasurer for the Board of Directors, attended on behalf of HICE. She staffed a table outside of the “California Legislative & Regulatory Environment: 2022” pre-conference session to answer questions about the organization and a brochure about HICE was also made available for attendees. I will also be going on the road later this year to attend some of the APG regional meetings in other states around the country where HICE has a presence through the shared credentialing audit program. These speaking opportunities will provide a venue to engage in-person with some of the organizations that participate in this HICE program and also spread the word about HICE to APG member organizations in those areas of the country. We are excited to announce that HICE has also been invited to present a session on successes in collaboration at the upcoming CAHP conference in October, and we are looking forward to all of these opportunities for some face-to-face networking to promote the value of HICE to the industry!

2022 HICE Annual Conference – this year’s conference will be conducted virtually on Wednesday, December 7. Topics and the speakers for the agenda are coming together and more information should be available for review on the HICE website around the time of my next report. We are happy to report that the DHCS is expected to be back to participate in our event this year and several sessions are planned around the many changes taking place in the California Medi-Cal market, including a keynote presentation focused on Medi-Medi, the CalAIM initiative and the EDGE encounter data improvement project, which is discussed in more detail below.

The Health Net / IHA Medi-Cal Encounter Data Project (EDGE) – this initiative continues to be a major focus of the HICE Encounters Standardization Team. Regular meetings take place between HICE/IHA in order to stay on task with milestones and timeframes related to this project, with the fifth milestone completed at the end of June and presented on at the IHA Data Governance Committee meeting in July. The HICE team members are now focused on the final milestone in this phase of the project, which involves making data standards recommendation for Data Governance Committee approval. 
HICE Teams - In other HICE team news, as I shared in my last report, in April I attended the regional meetings for the HICE Credentialing Shared Audit Policy Teams to discuss the importance of funding contributions and to get feedback on better engagement of their leadership. Follow-up questionnaires were sent out to team members and the responses were reviewed with the co-leads of those teams to strategize on how to increase the visibility of HICE in these regional areas that currently only participate in one aspect of collaboration, and the HICE Board is looking at developing a “playbook” to help better market and socialize the value of HICE to the industry.

Until the next update, please feel free to contact me at mmyers@iceforhealth.org or at 530-562-4235, with any suggestions, questions or comments. Thank you!

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