Novella R. Quesada, RN, BSN, PHN
Team Co-Leader
PIH Health
Director, Medical Management

Novella R. Quesada, RN, BSN, PHN Director Medical Management PIH Health Physicians Novella has been an RN for 44 years. Novella is a graduate of L.A. County School of Nursing. Novella earned her BSN in 2002 from the University of Phoenix after 26 years in nursing, marrying and raising 2 children. Novella went back to school while her children were completing college. Novella has been a leader in the managed care arena for 20 years in the UM and QM departments for both health plans and PMGs. Novella has over 10 years' experience with NCQA, DHCS, DMHC and CMS surveys. Novella has been considered a SME in UM, QM and credentialing working closely with Compliance during survey preparation. Novella has been a member of ICE since 2000. Novella has been co-lead on the Service Determination Standardization Team for Medi-Cal and currently a co-lead on the UM Required Reports Team. Novella has presented at the ICE Annual Conference breakout sessions over the last few years.


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