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ICE is a voluntary 501(c)3 organization that includes participation by and advice from accrediting and regulatory agencies. The goal of ICE work products is to offer ICE participating organizations standardized tools and best practices toward optimizing efficiencies to implement health industry requirements. ICE heeds feedback from accrediting and regulatory agency partners regarding ICE work products; however, ICE does not obtain official regulatory approval for its work products. As such, ICE work products are not to be considered exempt from any approval process required by regulatory agencies.


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 CMS Parts C and D Fraud Waste and Abuse Training and General Compliance Training   1876 KB   4/30/2013
This is a CMS document, not an ICE approved document. However, it has been posted here for ease of access along with the related ICE documents.
 ICE_Compliance_Training_Confirmation_04_2013_FINAL   46 KB   4/30/2013
 Instructions_Gen_Comp_ FWA_ Training_ 04_2013_MA FINAL   64 KB   4/30/2013
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