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ICE is a voluntary 501(c)3 organization that includes participation by and advice from accrediting and regulatory agencies. The goal of ICE work products is to offer ICE participating organizations standardized tools and best practices toward optimizing efficiencies to implement health industry requirements. ICE heeds feedback from accrediting and regulatory agency partners regarding ICE work products; however, ICE does not obtain official regulatory approval for its work products. As such, ICE work products are not to be considered exempt from any approval process required by regulatory agencies.

Current Annual Conference Information

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 01_ICE 2019 Annual Conference Exhibitor_Sponsor Recognition   355 KB   11/29/2019   
 Ankura Company Bio_2019   62 KB   11/28/2019   
 ATTAC Company Bio_2019   28 KB   11/28/2019   
 Avantpage Company Bio_2019   55 KB   11/28/2019   
 Beacon Healthcare Systems Company Bio_2019   56 KB   11/28/2019   
 Centauri Health Solutions Company Bio_2019   100 KB   11/28/2019   
 ChartFast Company Bio_2019   66 KB   11/28/2019   
 Inovaare Company Bio_2019   78 KB   11/28/2019   
 Integrated Healthcare Association Company Bio_2019   28 KB   11/28/2019   
 MedVision Solutions Company Bio_2019   77 KB   11/28/2019   
 MHK Company Bio_2019   55 KB   11/28/2019   
 P&G Company Bio_2019   107 KB   11/28/2019   
 PharmPix Company Bio_2019   118 KB   11/28/2019   
 Qmetrics Company Bio_2019   87 KB   11/28/2019   
 Streamline Verify Company Bio_2019   45 KB   11/28/2019   
 UL Company Bio_2019   40 KB   12/2/2019   
 VARIS LLC Company Bio_2019   90 KB   11/28/2019   
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