Cynthia Minnick
Team Co-Leader
Senior Clinical Quality Analyst, Delegated Credentialing Oversight Department

Cynthia Minnick is a Senior Clinical Quality Analyst of the Delegated Credentialing Oversight Department for UnitedHealthcare. Cynthia performs preassessment and annual delegated credentialing oversight activities of United’s Delegated Entities. Cynthia is subject matter expert in the NCQA standards and provides guidance to the delegated entities regarding the NCQA guidelines. She is also the Project Manager for UnitedHealthcare’s Credentialing Policy Work Group. Cynthia serves as the Delegated Credentialing Oversight team trainer and manages the delegated entities roster submission process. Cynthia has been with the company since 2007. Health Industry Collaboration Effort (HICE) Experience: Cynthia has been involved with the HICE markets since 2014. Cynthia was part of the creation and expansion of the HICE Texas market in 2020. Cynthia is the HICE Co-lead for the Mid-Atlantic Region since 2014, Texas Region since 2020, and California Region since 2022.


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