Select a team to view details such as its mission statement, related library categories, upcoming events, and to access the team's FAQs, as available.

To add a team to your ICE profile, follow these steps (if you do not have an ICE profile, create one at - you can also add teams of interest during the sign-up process):

  • Click on Log In at the top right-hand corner of the web site.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter your ICE password (select Retrieve Password if you can't remember it it will be sent to your e-mail address).
  • Click on Log In (after entering your email address and password).
  • Click on the Change Your Contact Information or Teams option.
  • Update information about yourself and your organization in the top section, if needed.
  • Scroll down to where you see two large boxes: Available Teams and Selected Teams.
  • Under Available Teams find the team(s) of interest and click on it. Clicking on it will automatically move it to the box that shows your personal Selected Teams.
  • Check the boxes that apply to you in the next section.
  • Scroll to the bottom left and click Save.

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