HICE - New Web-Based Tool Available for Posting Health Plan-Specific Letter Templates!

From: broadcast@iceforhealth.org 1
Date: 9/1/2022 9:06:54 AM
Subject: HICE - New Web-Based Tool Available for Posting Health Plan-Specific Letter Templates!
To: HICE Membership

We are excited to announce that a web-based tool is now available for participating health plans to be able to directly and easily manage the maintenance of their health plan-specific letter templates posted on the HICE website for delegates to access!

The HICE Board of Directors would like to thank and acknowledge all of the organizations that contribute to the HICE operating budget,as the development of these types of web-based tools and process improvements would not be possible without this funding.

We encourage those organizations not currently contributing but utilizing this and other HICE website tools and documents to strongly consider contributing to the 2023 operating budget when those calls for funding go out later this month so HICE can continue to find a consistent way to implement regulations with the minimal amount of impact and the maximum amount of return for both the health plan and the provider community that enable them to more readily and easily comply with regulation.

Features include uploading templates, archiving out-of-date templates and sending a broadcast notice to those signed up to receive them that health plan-specific letter templates have been made available. This will replace the current process where health plans need to reach out by e-mail to specific HICE teams with their posting requests, and we hope this will encourage more health plans to post their letter templates for delegates to easily access in a single location on the HICE website.

Health plan-specific letter templates can now be found in a single locationon the website, regardless of subject matter. Each participating health plan will have a folder in this new library category and any plans that want to review existing templates that may be posted for their organizations can now view them at that location.

If you are with a health plan and would like to be able to access this web-based tool to upload health plan-specific letter templates on behalf of your organization, please send an e-mail request to admin@iceforhealth.org. There can be multiple health plan users with access if needed. Please review the instructions documentprovided in the tool and also in the Library prior to using this application.

If you would like to receive e-mail notifications when letter templates are added/updated by health plans, you must add the "Health Plan Specific Letter Template Notifications" Team to your HICE account - see Teams page for instructions on how to do this. Broadcast messages will no longer be sent out through the previous process, so this step must be completed in order to receive future posting notices.

If you have any questions about this process or need assistance, please contact admin@iceforhealth.org. Thank you.

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